ISA voted BEST (#1) PRIVATE SCHOOL and BEST MASCOT in Scottsdale!

ISA voted FAVORITE (#1) Private School and Preschool

At ISA we provide every student with an intercultural understanding. Rather than simply “teach” a language, students learn IN that language resulting in fluency in traditional academics that stay with each throughout their lifetime.

On norm-referenced nationwide tests, our students graduate 2-3 years ahead of the average American student. It is also proven that bilingual children have a superior ability to focus, and have greater ease in switching between unrelated mental tasks, than monolingual children.

Students who learn through language immersion programs graduate an average of two or three years ahead of their peers, and they are also statistically proven to have higher test scores, stronger literacy skills, enhanced cognitive abilities, and better employability later in life. They are able to work in multinational companies and speak languages that are a core part of international business, law, and healthcare.

Language immersion programs enhance cultural appreciation, cognitive abilities, career opportunities, and knowledge of global issues.

Bilingual children outperform children who speak only one language in problem solving skills and creative thinking.

Research shows that students who complete language immersion programs graduate an average of 2-3 years ahead of their peers who do not.

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