Middle School | 6-8​

Our Middle School students celebrate diversity and enjoy a rich multicultural environment. Our qualified and experienced teachers deliver engaging and challenging academics in small class sizes and a safe environment. Our school focuses on developing each student to be global citizens who have the drive, capacity and skills to positively impact the world.

Our new International Program is opening in 2022-2023 for incoming 6th and 7th graders. The program will offer advanced core curriculum subjects and the acquisition of French or Spanish. Students will benefit from an international environment with small class sizes that allow ample opportunity to participate and benefit from a personalized education plan.

Our French and Spanish Bilingual Programs are designed to achieve complete fluency. Students are studying core subjects in both the target language and in English, preparing them to attend the best college preparatory high schools in the US or abroad.

Our school gives students the opportunity to learn robotics, speak in public, work in groups for collaborative learning and develop strong critical thinking skills within the challenging and engaging curriculum.

The Personal Inquiry Project (PIP) is an interdisciplinary unit and encourages students to research a subject of their choice. They need to develop and apply their analytical and communication skills. It is a great preparation for higher education assignments.

Students have the opportunity to join the ISA Student Council, focusing on social justice movements and charity projects. 

Our mission is not only to teach our students academics but also to develop attributes that we call the ” ISA Portrait of a Graduate”. 

Supply List 2023-2024

Please view the 2023 – 2024 School Year Welcome Page for all supply lists. 

ISA is no longer a partner of the Edukit program.


Teachers are keenly aware of the Multiple Intelligences and seek out each child’s talents to improve their overall performance.

Now Enrolling for 2024-2025

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