Scholarships & Financial Assistance

The International School of Arizona supports all interested families in affording our unique international, multilingual education. Our Scholarship Program is supported by the Arizona Private School Tax Credit and the French Bourse (for French citizens). Our goal is to ensure private school tuition is not a deterrent for a student to attend our school.

The Scholarship Program provides ways to afford our private school education by reducing or eliminating tuition. All students are eligible for at least one form of scholarship and many students qualify for several.

The International School of Arizona recommends applying for your child as early as Pre-K 4 to ensure they are eligible when they enter Kindergarten.

Arizona Private School Tax Credit Scholarships

Most families at ISA participate in this advantageous program to reduce or eliminate their private school tuition. Scholarships are awarded to students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Funds are donated to School Tuition Organizations (STO) which manage the scholarships and award them to students based on their eligibility.

School Tuition Organizations

For information about the Arizona Private School Tax Credit and how Student Tuition Organizations work, please watch this video, and refer to the Arizona Department of Revenue.
Arizona School Tuition Organizations Contact Information

Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund, Inc. (APESF)

Arizona Private School Tuition Organization (APSTO)

Arizona Leadership Foundation

Arizona Tax Credit (AZTXCR)

Arizona Tuition Connection

Institute for Better Education (IBE)

Tops For Kids

Classwallet – Empowerment Scholarship of Arizona (ESA)
Arizona Department of Education
*Students receiving ESA funds are disqualifies from receiving STO funds simultaneously.

The French Bourse for French Citizens

The International School of Arizona is accredited by the French Ministry of Education, and therefore qualifies for the French Bourse program to provide assistance with educational expenses for eligible French students.

Families whose children are French citizens, and who are registered with the French Consulate, may be eligible for this need-based financial aid program. A child is eligible if they are three years of age or older before December 31st of the year for which they are applying.

For additional information about scholarships and financial assistance, contact our Admissions Manager

Francis Hewitt
Director of Admissions & Marketing
[email protected]
480-874-2326 ext.881

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